May 22, 2009
Rome is fascinating. I spent some time studying its history, art and architecture. When I
finally visited it in March, 2009 it was breathtaking.

A panoramic view from top of St. Peter’s (Not the best panorama, but it gives an idea how beautiful the city looks.
a panoramic view from top of St. Peters

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History and Archaeology
  1. Rome Past & Present (A Frommer’s guide)
    • Excellent overlays of ancient monuments. You can see how the Colloseum or the Roman fora, the temple of the Vestal Virgins, the Circus Maximus… looked at the time of their splendor.
  2. Emperors of Rome by Garrett G. Fagan
  3. Classical archaeology of ancient Greece and Rome by John R. Hale
  4. Famous Romans by Rufus J. Fears
  5. The decline and fall of Rome by Thomas F. Madden
  6. Rome and environs : an archaeological guide
    by Coarelli, Filippo
  7. Rome : an Oxford archaeological guide
    by Amanda Claridge
  8. The Italian Renaissance
    Lectures by Kenneth R. Bartlett
  9. Vatican museums, Rome
    by Dalli Regoli, Gigetta
  10. Empires of trust : how Rome built–and America is building–a new world
    by Madden, Thomas F.
  11. Lays of ancient Rome
    by Macaulay, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Baron, 1800-1859
  1. Imperium : a novel of ancient Rome
    by Robert Harris
  2. Pompeii by Robert Harris
  3. Memoirs of Hadrian and reflections on the composition of memoirs of Hadrian by Yourcenar, Marguerite
    • Enjoyed it. However, read it at a time when I was getting acquainted with Roman History. I have to read it again. It is written as a letter to his successor, Marcus Aurelius. I find Hadrian too benevolent, too good, too kind, to be true.
    • Fairfax county library
  4. Roma by Steven Saylor
  5. Medicus a novel of the Roman Empire
    by Ruth Downie
  6. The transformations of Lucius : other wise known as The golden ass
    by Apuleius
  7. I, Claudius
    by Robert Graves
  8. Claudius the God
    by Robert Graves
  9. Terra incognita [sound recording] : a novel of the Roman Empire
    by Downie, Ruth

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